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Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering

Scenic Acoustic and Vibration Engineering Ltd (SAVE) offer Reliability Engineering as a Service to enable client’s achieve Operational Excellence in terms of uptime and productivity along with aiding Life Cycle Management goals to be met. Reliability is defined as amount of time an Asset is available to perform it’s designated task, whether it be a Generator producing Electricity or a Pump moving liquids, and as such any improvement will increase a company’s bottom line.

When creating a maintenance regime RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) is often used to determine What, How and When should be done, using generic Reliability data.

The best and easiest way to improve Reliability is to start thinking every time some thing fails or causes an issue ‘Why did that happen?’, but don’t fall in to the trap of accepting the most obvious or perceived reason, get to the root cause ask yourself Why? 5 times a simple but objective way of performing an RCA (Root Cause Analysis).

To ensure that when you focus your efforts in improving Reliability it is necessary to know that you are working on improving an area that is worthwhile, and this is where having performed some form of Criticality Review comes in, so that you aim for the best return on your time spent in this area.

Another easy to do, but often overlooked way of improving Reliability is to utilise the data you already have in your CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) and/or Condition Monitoring reports, from these you can determine the Bad Actors (those assets that keep causing problems) and the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)/ MTBE (Mean Time Between Exception). These are an example of implementing what is now commonly called Industry 4.

The following Services are supplied by SAVE:

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