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Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed air is energy. Leaking air lines, couplings and hoses are sources of energy waste. Considering a single 3mm diameter leak in a compressed air pipe at 100psi can add up to 1600.00 GBP per annum in energy bills. Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air with on average 25-35% of an un-managed systems total air usage due to leakage.

Apart from being completely unnecessary it is expensive and contributes to your CO2 emissions. With a leakage management program it is fully possible to achieve a leakage rate of less than 5%.

Scenic Acoustic’s surveys use the latest state of the art technology to identify the areas where air leakage is costing you money, without disruption to production or processes. The survey is carried out independently by our experienced engineers.

Scenic Acoustic’s report details the precise location and severity of each leak to enable an easy assessment of repairs scheduling. The level of energy loss, that is the energy used to power the leakage is quantified and translated into both Total Costs (1000’s of Pounds) and CO2 emission reduction (tonnes).

We know that you can find leakages on your own but with state-of the art ultra-sonic equipment and experience we find considerably more. We can cover in the region of 5,000 m2 of normal production area per day and in most cases the survey is paid for within the first two hours.

A program should be set up to repair the leaks as soon as possible to minimise losses. Once these leaks have been repaired, it is only a matter of time before new leaks develop in the compressed air system. As part of a comprehensive air management regime, further surveys should be conducted at least twice per year.

Compressed Air Leaks amount to thousands of pounds in wasted energy every year, yet the cost to survey and correct these leaks is typically fractional and repairs pay for themselves within weeks. They lessen your process efficiency, cost you money and contribute unnecessarily to CO2 emissions.

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