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Electrical Condition Monitoring

Electrical Condition Monitoring

Along with vibration and lubricant analysis there is a great wealth of information that can be gleaned from electrical condition monitoring. This information can show many things from the insulation condition to mechanical and/or electrical breakdown to operating conditions, all of which combined with other Condition Monitoring techniques complement and improve the overall effectiveness of any Condition Monitoring program.

Parameters that can be trended/evaluated range from Voltage, Current, Power, Air Gap and Partial Discharge to resistance, induction, capacitance, pulse response, frequency response etc all able to indicate potential issues arising.

Along with recording and trending the standard basic operating parameters measured continuously such as Volts, Amps etc. further in-depth recordings can be gleaned both on and off-line using techniques such as:

• Insulation Resistance (IR)
Polarization Index (PI)
• Power signature analysis
• Battery impedance testing
• Surge testing
Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)
Partial Discharge (PD)
• Alternating current field measurement (ACFM)

Scenic Acoustic & Vibration Engineering (SAVE) work in conjunction with subject matter experts in this field to provide the best and most appropriate service.

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