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Criticality Review

Criticality Review

A Criticality Review is undertaken to categorise the importance of an asset to the owner. Each asset is viewed and it’s criticality rated 1, 2 or 3 in terms of Health & Safety, Environmental and Financial implications if the asset failed to perform it’s function. This categorisation is then used to help determine the Maintenance Strategy to be applied to that asset.

The main criticality categories are:

1. Critical – assets that are vital to the plant or process and without which the plant or process cannot function and/or could have a major impact in regards HSE implications.
2. Essential – assets that are a key part of the process, but if there is a failure the process still continues and that can have implications in regards HSE implications.
3. Balance of Plant (BoP) – These are the assets that make up the remainder of the plant and have limited or negligible impact in case of a failure.

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