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Planning and Noise

Planning and Noise

Scenic Acoustic and Vibration Engineering Ltd (SAVE) provide Environmental Noise Impact Assessments (Planning and Noise) and reporting services together with advice and assistance in obtaining planning permission where noise is an issue.

Noise needs to be considered when development may create additional noise or would be sensitive to the prevailing acoustic environment (including any anticipated changes to that environment from activities that are permitted but not yet commenced). When preparing plans, or taking decisions about new development, there may also be opportunities to make improvements to the acoustic environment. Good acoustic design needs to be considered early in the planning process to ensure that the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions are identified from the outset.

Noise can, where justified, override other planning concerns although it is important to look at noise in the context of the wider characteristics of a development proposal, its likely users and its surroundings, as these can have an important effect on whether noise is likely to pose a concern.

Plan-making and decision making need to take account of the acoustic environment to determine the Noise Impact and in doing so should consider:

  • whether or not a significant adverse effect is occurring or likely to occur;
  • whether or not an adverse effect is occurring or likely to occur; and
  • whether or not a good standard of amenity can be achieved.

In line with the Nation Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Explanatory note of the Noise Policy Statement for England, this would include identifying whether the overall effect of the noise exposure (including the impact during the construction phase wherever applicable) is, or would be, above or below the significant observed adverse effect level and the lowest observed adverse effect level for the given situation. As noise is a complex technical issue, it may be appropriate to seek experienced specialist assistance when applying this policy.

The observed effect levels are detailed as follows:

  • Significant observed adverse effect level: This is the level of noise exposure above which significant adverse effects on health and quality of life occur.
  • Lowest observed adverse effect level: this is the level of noise exposure above which adverse effects on health and quality of life can be detected.
  • No observed effect level: this is the level of noise exposure below which no effect at all on health or quality of life can be detected.

Although the word ‘level’ is used here, this does not mean that the effects can only be defined in terms of a single value of noise exposure. In some circumstances adverse effects are defined in terms of a combination of more than one factor such as noise exposure, the number of occurrences of the noise in a given time period, the duration of the noise and the time of day the noise occurs.

The Noise Policy Statement for England sets out the long term vision of government noise policy, to promote good health and a good quality of life through the management of noise.

The management of the noise associated with particular development types is considered in the following documents:

The following documents are also essential guidance for the assessment of noise for planning applications for new developments.

Some of these documents contain numerical criteria. These values are not to be regarded as fixed thresholds and as outcomes that have to be achieved in every circumstance.

SAVE specialise in advising property developers and home builders on residential developments where noise can be a problem, such as:

  • Road Noise
  • Rail Noise
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Industrial and Commercial Noise

SAVE have vast experience in dealing with problems associated with noise egress from a proposed development and in assessing and controlling noise impact on nearby sensitive receivers. Whether it’s for a Commercial or Industrial Development, a Pub or Club, or a Petrochemical Installation or any other industrial facility SAVE have the knowledge and experience in Planning noise and vibration that our clients require.

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